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SPIRou / Infrared SpectroPolarimeter

2015 June: SPIRou passes the mid-term review

The SPIRou mid-term review, dedicated to the preparation of the integration phases, was successfully held in Toulouse on 2015 June 15-17. 

2015 June: SPIRou passes the mid-term review

SPIRou team and review panel
at Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées

Since the successful FDR held in 2014 May, SPIRou has entered the construction phase and is preparing for integration - of the different subsystems in the various participating institutes (IRAP, NRC-H, UdeM, OHP/LAM, ASIAA, OG) first, starting this fall, then of the whole instrument in the integration hall of IRAP / OMP.  To verify that everything is ready for these critical steps, a mid-term review was held in Toulouse on 2015 June 15-17, following the recommendation of the FDR review panel.  

This mid-term review was successful and the review panel recommended the SPIRou team to go forward, emphasizing the need for the management team to carefully monitor how the schedules of the various subsystems evolve and interplay to make sure that the overall planning can successfully converge with an instrument implementation at CFHT by the summer of 2017.