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SPIRou / Infrared SpectroPolarimeter

2016 May: Second SPIRou science meeting

The second SPIRou science meeting was held in Nice on 2016 May 5-6

Nice at night

Nice at night, in the vicinity of Hotel St Paul

In parallel with the ongoing construction / integration of SPIRou in which the project team is involved, the SPIRou science community is getting ready for observations, and in particular actively preparing for the large 500-night SPIRou Legacy Survey / SLS that will accompany the implementation of the instrument at CFHT.  The SLS will be mostly dedicated to the two main science goals of SPIRou, i.e., the quest for habitable Earth-like planets around M dwards, and the study of low-mass star & planet formation in the presence of magnetic fields.  The SLS is expected to be extremely useful for a wide variety of other science programs of high interest for the whole community, hence its Legacy status.  

The second SPIRou science meeting was held in Nice at Hotel St Paul on 2016 May 5-6, at the same location and immediately following the 11th CFHT Users’ Meeting.  The goal of this meeting was to finalise the detailed organisation and science programmes associated with the SLS, whose proposal is to be reviewed by CFHT in late 2016 / early 2017.  The full programme of the workshop is available on the SLS wiki site, with large slots specifically dedicated to discussions with the community as a whole.