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SPIRou / Infrared SpectroPolarimeter

Project team

The consortium management structure has been established to ensure efficient and effective management of all the operational, technical and financial aspects of the Spirou Project.

The governance structure consists of a Project Office and a Steering Committee.

The project office is composed by

  • the Principal Investigator, Jean - Francois Donati, IRAP, Toulouse, France
  • the Co - Principal Investigator, René Doyon, UdeM, Montréal, Canada
  • the Project Scientist, Xavier Delfosse, IPAG, Grenoble, France
  • the Co - Project Scientist, Etienne Artigau, UdeM, Montréal, Canada
  • the Observatory Scientist, Claire Moutou, CFHT, Hawaii
  • the Acceptance Support Scientist, Andres Carmona, IRAP, Toulouse, France
  • the Project Manager, Driss Kouach, IRAP, Toulouse, France
  • he Deputy Project Manager & Quality Assurance, Marielle Lacombe, IRAP, Toulouse, France
  • the System Engineer, Sébastien Baratchart, IRAP, Toulouse, France
  • the Interface and AIT manager, Nicolas Striebig, IRAP, Toulouse, France
  • and the Project Assistant, Christelle Feugeade, IRAP, Toulouse, France.

Each participating institute has a Local Project Manager (LPM) who report to the Project Manager for all activities related to the management of the project (schedule, budget, manpower, resources, etc...).

  • Patrick Rabou, IPAG, France
  • Laurent Parès, IRAP, France
  • François Dolon  , OHP-LAM, France
  • Gregory Barrick, CFHT, Hawaii
  • Vlad Reshetov, NRC Herzberg, Canada
  • Olivier Hernandez, UdeM, Canada
  • François Wildi ,OG, Switzerland
  • Eder Martioli, LNA, Brazil
  • S-Y. Wang, ASIAA, Taiwan

The list of all key personnel in the SPIRou project team is provided below.

This list includes in particular the main project management team (PI, coPI, PM, PS, coPS, SE, Local PMs / LPMs), the main managers of the various key instrument units and modules, as well as the main scientists in charge of the science group.

Name Role Team Institute Country - Town
DONATI Jean-François Principal Investigator Core, Spectro IRAP France, Toulouse
DOYON René Co-Principal Investigator Core, Spectro IRAP France Toulouse
DELFOSSE Xavier Project Scientist Core, Spectro IPAG France, Grenoble
ARTIGAU Etienne Co-Project Scientist Core UdeM Canada, Montréal
MOUTOU Claire Observatory Scientist Core CFHT Hawaii
KOUACH Driss Project Manager Core, Spectro IRAP France, Toulouse
LACOMBE Marielle Deputy Project Manager & Quality Assurance Core, Spectro IRAP France, Toulouse
BARATCHART Sébastien System Engineer Core, Spectro IRAP France, Toulouse
STRIEBIG Nicolas Interface & AITV Manager   IRAP France, Toulouse
FEUGEADE Christelle Project Assistant Core IRAP France, Toulouse
BARRICK Gregory Local Project Manager & Installation Core, Spectro CFHT Hawaii
DOLON François Local Project Manager & Calibration module Core OHP-LAM France, Marseille
HERNANDEZ Olivier Local Project Manager Core, Spectro UdeM Canada, Montréal
MARTIOLI Eder Local Project Manager Core LNA Brazil
PARES Laurent Local Project Manager & Cassegrain optical design Core IRAP France, Toulouse
RABOU Patrick Local Project Manager Core IPAG France, Grenoble
RESHETOV Vlad Local Project Manager & Spectro mechanical part Core, Spectro NRC-H Canada
WANG Shiang-Yu Local Project Manager & Guiding camera Core ASIAA Taiwan
WILDI François Local Project Manager & RV Reference Module   OG Switzerland, Genève
ALENCAR Sylvia Co-Investigator Science   UFMG Brazil
BARIL Marc Detector   CFHT Hawaii
BOISSE Isabelle Co-Investigator Exoplanets   OHP-LAM France, Marseille
BONFILS Xavier Co-Investigator DRS   OG Switzerland, Genève
BOUCHY François DRS & Calibration module Core OHP-LAM France, Marseille
BOUYE Marc Cassegrain Thermal structure   IRAP France, Toulouse
CASTILHO Bruno LNA Director   LNA Brazil
CHAZELAS Bruno Fiber tests   OG Switzerland, Genève
CHEN Hsin-Yu Guiding camera simulation control   ASIAA Taiwan
COUDERC Patrick AITV Mechanical support   IRAP France, Toulouse
DESAULNIERS Pierre Optical part   UL Canada, Laval
DO NASCIMENTO José Dias Co-Investigator Science   UFRN Brazil
DUBOIS Bruno Cassegrain Mechanical design manager   IRAP France, Toulouse
DUNN Jennifer Control system   NRC-H Canada
DUPIEUX Michel Control - Command   IRAP France, Toulouse
FIGUEIRA Pedro Co-Investigator RV expertise Core CAUP Portugal
GALLOU Gérard Cassegrain Mechanical Design   IRAP France, Toulouse
HEBRARD Guillaume Co-Investigator Exoplanets Core IAP France, Paris
HENAULT François Spectro optics   IPAG France, Grenoble
HO Kevin Electronic   CFHT Hawaii
HU Enos Electronic   ASIAA Taiwan
LALOGE Andrée Local Project Assistant   OHP-LAM France, Marseille
LARRIEU Marie Control - Command   IRAP France, Toulouse
LOVIS Christophe Co-Investigator RV expertise   OG Switzerland, Genève
MARTEL Robert Electronic   UdeM Canada, Montréal
MICHEAU Yoan Fiber link & Slicer   IRAP France, Toulouse
MOREAU François Control - Command   OHP-LAM France, Marseille
PAZDER John Integration support Spectro NRC-H Canada
PEPE Francesco RV Reference module Core OG Switzerland, Genève
PERRUCHOT Sandrine Calibration box optics   OHP-LAM France, Marseille
RABOU Patrick Spectrograph design Spectro IPAG France, Grenoble
SADDLEMEYER Leslie Spectro System Spectro NRC-H Canada
SOTILLE Rico Mechanical design & machining   OHP-LAM France, Marseille
STADLER Eric Spectro opto-mechanical part Spectro IPAG France, Grenoble
THIBAULT Simon Spectro optical part Core, Spectro UL Canada, Laval
VALLEE Philippe Camera Spectro UdeM Canada, Montréal
VALENTIN Hervé AITV optical support   IRAP France, Toulouse
VERMEULEN Tom Control - Command   CFHT Hawaii
WEVERS Ivan Cryo-mechanical design   NRC-H Canada
YAN Chi-Hung Guiding camera mechanical design   ASIAA Taiwan

The SPIRou Steering Committee (SSC) provides management and technical advices to CNRS about SPIRou, through the time of its delivery to CFHT.

CNRS appoints the SSC Chair for a 2 year term. The SSC includes six members that, like the Chair, are appointed for 2 year periods, which can be renewed indefinitely.

SSC members can be drawn from the community and/or represent stakeholders in the SPIRou project.

The role of SSC Chair rotates through other members of the SSC upon the end of the Chair’s term.

The Steering Committee is composed by

  • Pierre Kern (chair), INSU, France
  • Jérôme Bouvier, IPAG, France
  • Mike Toplis, OMP, France
  • Doug Simons, CFHT, Hawaii
  • Greg Fahlman, NRC-H, Canada
  • Geneviève Tanguay, UdeM, Canada
  • Bruno Castillo, LNA, Brésil
  • Jorge Gameiro, CAUP, Portugal
  • Stéphane Udry, OG, Switzerland
  • Y-H. Chu, ASIAA, Taiwan

SPIRou Project Office

14, avenue Edouard Belin
31 400 Toulouse - France

Project manager:

Principal investigator: